Digital Solutions


Effortless record-keeping at
the touch of a button.

Quadra has been engineered with operators in mind. It brings together the four treatment books: the mixing record, stock control record, issue receipt and treatment charge sheet, in an elegant and seamless integration. It provides on-demand reporting and removes the need for any manual calculation.

The use of Quadra has resulted in significant improvements in plant efficiency and improved accuracy. Built-in warning systems notify the operator of any over- or under-treatment, optimising the treatment process.

It also allows for quicker operator training, due to its simplicity.


Sheer simplicity in
quality control

SECURUS is our new take on an old method which has been used in the industry for decades. SECURUS provides instant, exact solutions-strength readings, without the complex process needed in the past. The unit simply requires the operator to measure a set quantity of treatment solution, place it under the detecting probe, press the start button, and wait for the result.

Securus tracks the operator’s name, time and results, ensuring your customers that quality specifications have been met.

For the functionality of Securus, it is surprisingly reasonable in cost. The unit pays for itself in a matter of months, as it reduces treatment inefficiencies.