About Us

Dolphin Bay is a chemical company specialising in the manufacture of wood preservatives. We are a major market player within the African continent, where our products and services are supplied to reputable companies supplying treated timber to the agricultural, building, electrical and communications industries.

We operate two manufacturing facilities, with supporting offices across South Africa. Our company has built its success on being highly service-oriented. We believe that the application of a high-quality wood preservative product should be as superior as the product itself. As a result, Dolphin Bay has overseen a massive shift within the timber preservation industry across Africa, to promote the quality and sustainability of timber products. This has assured our position as a leading company within the industry.

Over 22 years

Dolphin Bay has grown over the past 22 years, with operations expanding across the African continent and the Atlantic. Over time, we have cultivated and invested in a high-functioning team that is focused on developing service offerings that consider the unique environment in which each of our customers operate.

Our experience ranges from industrial chemistry to engineering,
research, wood science and logistics.