July 2023
Publication: Woodbiz Africa: SAWPA’s legal action against DFFE delays regulations incorrectly stating that CCA is banned

November 2021
Publication: Woodbiz Africa: Merensky Timber moves and remodels a treatment plant

September 2021
Publication: Dispatch Live: Debt should bring us closer to independence and prosperity, not rob us of it.
Publication: Business Day: SA must heed Godongwana’s warning

July 2021
Publication: Sawmilling South Africa: Shipping Industry Moves Slowly towards disruption

May 2021
Publication: Forestry SA:  Stock market boom leaves real economies behind

April 2021
Publication: Forestry SA:  Reinventing a timber treatment business

December 2020
Publication: Forestry SA: Meet Family Business Fynbos Poles
Publication:  Forestry SA: Covid-19 shines light on future trends

July 2020
Publication: Sawmilling South Africa: Interpretation of Safety Vessel Compliance Sparks Needless Fears

November 2019
Publication: Daily Dispatch: New spirit of business in Africa

October 2019
Publication: Timber IQ:  New product for Dolphin Bay

September 2019
Publication: Timber IQ:  Increasing output at African plants

July 2019
Publication: Timber IQ: Bundu Poles signs quality pledge

June 2019
Publication: Timber IQ:  Added value from inspection bodies

February 2019
Publication: Business Day: Reasons to be cheerful

November 2018
Publication: Business Day: Not all businesses are bent 
Publication:  Daily Dispatch:  It’s time for change in corporate culture

September 2018
Publication: Engineering News: New regulations clamping down on toxic waste

September 2017
Publication: Timber IQ: High stakes for future timber supply  (pg1), (pg2)

July 2017
Publication: Entrepreneur Magazine:  Higgs Boson – The Secret Force Shaping Your Business _ Entrepreneur

October 2016
Publication: Farmer’s Weekly: New treatment specs for eucalyptus poles on the cards

Publication: Chemical Technology: Treatment specs of new eucalyptus hybrids

September 2016
Publication: Timber IQ: Under the microscope: Eucalyptus treatment

July 2016
Publication: Forestry SA: Unpacking the sapwood ratio
Publication: Forestry SA: New rules on toxic waste
Publication: Forestry SA: Dennis Dykes on the threat of “junk”
Publication: Forestry SA: NBI outlines water risks

June 2016
Publication: Entrepreneur Magazine – How Quantum Physics can boost your business.

April 2016
Publication: Forestry SA – Our industry reached adulthood
Publication: Forestry SA – A forecast for forestry
Publication: Forestry SA – Heartfelt welcome to Usutu
Publication: Forestry SA – Harvesting rainwater makes good business sense

February 2016
Publication: Forestry SA – Welcome to Merensky
Publication: Forestry SA – Preparing for the rocky ride

November 2015
Publication: Forestry SA – Our quality control programme
Publication: Forestry SA – Industry kick-starts crucial reseach

September 2015
Publication: Forestry SA – The big picture brings hope
Publiction: Forestry SA – CCA: A viable alternative to tradition

July 2015
Publication: Sawmilling South Africa – Hydrometer a step backwards
Publication: Forestry SA – NFC – Doing business, doing good

June 2015
Publication: Fin24 – How Dolphin Bay beats hard times
Publication: Forestry SA- Inspectors clamping down on hazardous waste
Publication: Forestry SA – Unpacking the role of the NRCS

April 2015
Publication: Forestry SA – Securus: The financial benefit is obvious

March 2015
Publication: Engineering News – Automation improves wood treatment process

November 2014
Publication: Timber.co.za – Dolphin Bay develops technology to promote accuracy
Publication: Timber.co.za – Exploring the discussion around solution uptake values for timber treatment 

October 2014
Publication:  Bizcommunity – Government and business must work together to boost SMME’s 

August 2014
Publication: Engineering News – Structural steel manufacturer constructs timber treatment plants
Publication: Bizcommunity – Dolphin Bay extends African footprint into Rwanda
Publication: Bizcommunity – Dolphin Bay manufactures new-generation wood preservative

March 2014
Publication: Engineering News – ‘Chemical expands market opportunites’

October 2013
Publication: SA Forestry – ‘Triggering an EIA’
Publication: Engineering News – ‘Triggering an EIA’

August 2013
Publication: Fin24 – ‘Custom made for success’

July 2013
Publication: How we made it in Africa – ‘Diversifying trade could help Africa industrialise’
Publication: Mining Weekly – ‘Copper mining adds value to waste timber removed for mining operations’

June 2013
Publication: How we made it in Africa – ‘Chemical company boss explains why he sees growth in Africa’

January 2013
Publication: South Africa magazine – ‘Build your business, even during a recession’

October 2012
Publication: SA Builder Magazine – ‘How to choose a wood preservative’