Our Story

It was in the early days that our character and identity was forged, as we learnt that true value lies in consistent and sustainable performance.

We have built our company on growing a high-quality team, and remaining rooted in integrity in all that we do. Persisting over many years, we have become the leading wood preservative manufacturer and supplier on the African continent.

We wanted to create a company that would be different, one that would breaks the traditional corporate mould in favor of something more innovative, satisfying and even more productive.

The result is a company with a new mind and heart, one that is people-oriented and service-driven with sustainability at the heart of all our decisions.

Our customers experience the difference in the way we work and structure our agreements. The team experiences it in the way we talk to each other and the way we work together. It has manifested in many ways, among them a lack of bureaucracy and a strong sense of commitment and responsibility from each team member. Dolphin Bay prides on effortless flow of communication between our members and those we are in contact with.

The motivation was not only “do the right thing”, but to do what would work best.

Growth would be the test. We want to see consistent and phenomenal growth in years to come.

Our team members, all experts in their fields, share the conviction that they can make an important contribution to the company and to the market, in both what they do and how they do it.  We are a company with influence, influence that we will use to effect positive change in all that we do. This has led us to adopt the slogan,

“Knowing we can make a difference”.