Jun 13
dolphin bay does business in Kenya


Dolphin Bay is pleased to be offering our products and services to timber treaters in Kenya, following the completion of a long-awaited product registration process.

Our representatives Darren Marillier and Wayne Driemeyer were warmly received during a visit to potential customers last month.

They explained our commitment to building a direct relationship with our clients and to offering quality products and services.

In other African countries, the perception exists that Kenya leads the way on wood treatment standards. However, the once well-regulated industry burgeoned about seven years ago when electrification projects caused a boom in the demand for treated poles. Since then, the authorities have been struggling to oversee the large number of treatment plants in the country.

In 2014 there was a huge drive to introduce concrete poles. However, the high production costs, difficulties in transporting the poles due to their weight, and the need for equipment such as cranes to handle concrete products, have proved to be challenges. As a result, concrete poles are falling out of favour.

The demand for treated poles has been relatively flat in Kenya recently, but the industry is anticipating large orders from the parastatal Kenya Power in coming months, which could buoy up the market. Meanwhile, treaters have been proactive in keeping their businesses going by producing fencing and building poles.

“There is a lot we can do to support the industry in Kenya,” said Bertus. “We embrace the strong business spirit of the Kenyan people. They want to move forward and, rather than be only a supplier, we want to make a positive contribution to this momentum.”