Nov 30
Dolphin Bay Quality Pledge website


Dolphin Bay has set up a Quality Pledge website, providing easy access to all the information you may need about our quality assurance programme.

The user-friendly website,, outlines the six principles constituting the pledge and the process that follows your signature. It also provides a flow diagram outlining the steps that your company and ours would follow, working in close partnership, to ensure excellence and sustainability in every aspect of your operations.

These steps start with an assessment and end with our promotion of your plant in the African industry as a reputable operation.

“There is no need to have ‘got it all right’ before signing the pledge,” said Bertus. “Signing is the start of a journey that we will make together.

“In our experience,  this journey will be of huge benefit, as it will help your plant operate with optimal efficiency and in a cost-effective way, achieving compliance with the relevant legislation and producing treated timber that will satisfy your customers in the long-term and have them queueing up for more.”

The ultimate aim of the pledge is to work towards the success and sustainability of the wood treatment industry in Africa.

“We are extremely excited about this programme, which we have begun working on with some of our clients,” concluded Bertus. “We look forward to answering any questions you may have.”