Nov 30


Quadra is a user-friendly digital treatment book requiring minimal input. It allows timber treaters to make precise calculations, store data safely and transfer it instantaneously.

It also leaves managers with “more time to manage their operations”.

This is some of the praise for the Dolphin Bay system from Khulani Timber Industries’ Manager, Charl Gobetz, and the company’s Treatment Manager, Thomas Ngwenya.

Khulani, in Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo, installed Quadra in August.

“What I like about Quadra is that the software tells me exactly how much, in percentage, we are above or below our target retentions,” said Thomas. “The digital package is the latest operating system and is very compact, with wireless equipment. The wide screen makes it easy to see your achieved results.”

Charl said that through Quadra, Khulani has developed “an efficient storage solution for information.”

The programme does calculations automatically, which helps to cut down the likelihood of errors,” he said. “It is especially suited for the timber industry, where well-organised record-keeping and precise calculations are the key ingredients for success.

“The other significant feature is that the four treatment books – the treatment charge sheet book, stock control book, mixing record book and receipt issue book – have been digitally condensed into one, while still giving user access as if they are four separate books.

“In addition, plant managers can select a period between any two dates to see exactly how much timber was treated and retentions obtained during that time,” he added.

“Khulani is a forward-thinking company with excellent systems and controls,” said Bertus. “The fact that they have signed our Quality Pledge is a demonstration of their commitment to quality in every aspect of their operations.

“We thank them for installing Quadra and for their ongoing, productive partnership with Dolphin Bay.”