Dec 12
Dolphin Bay


Our Chief Financial Officer, Marlize Jacobs, points out that there are three aspects to growth: business growth, mental and spiritual growth, and growth in value.

“I think Dolphin Bay did extremely well in retaining its valued customers and gaining exciting new business, to grow our business,” she says. “We faced challenges, of course, but as a business we managed to thrive.

“Employees are the heart and soul of a company, and I think every person at Dolphin Bay experienced personal growth, to some extent. We all had challenges, but people maintained a positive outlook, looking for solutions, not more problems. I really think that every person took the company theme this year to heart.

“One very important trait of Dolphin Bay, is its ability to take care of the most valuable part of its business, one which cannot be quantified. This is building and maintaining relationships of trust, for the benefit of both parties, with customers and every business partner, including the staff members.

“Next year is around the corner and will provide new challenges and new successes. I think we are geared to take the company to the next level, which is something we can only accomplish as a team.”