Jun 20
Dolphin Bay Website


Dolphin Bay has launched a new website that conveys the personality of our company: energetic, young at heart, and values-based in all that we do.

“The design and content of new site gives a clear impression of a team that is trustworthy, warm and welcoming,” says Bertus.

“We understand that people are overwhelmed with information, so we have designed a website that is uncluttered but also helpful to the timber treatment industry. It includes important facts about CCA and our other products, descriptions of our services, and the stories published in this newsletter, which range from timber treatment tips to industry news and economic insights.”

The site also tells the Dolphin Bay Story, describing how we developed our identity and vision over several years, all the while growing as an important timber preservative supplier and service provider.

“A newly added slogan on the front page, ‘The Future is now, Protect it’, reminds us that the decisions we all make now determine our future. If we put in a great effort now, we will have a sustainable future.

“We want the new website to be a testament to Dolphin Bay’s commitment towards making a positive contribution to our industry, customers and all with whom we are in contact. We trust you will find it useful.”

The site is at the same URL as the previous site, www.dolphinbay.co.za.