Dec 11
Thinus Ferreira, Dolphin Bay


A significant proportion of our industry was driven by a sense of extreme urgency akin to “survival mode”, in response to the pressures it was experiencing from a sudden growth of demand.

This is one of the observations from Dolphin Bay’s Chief Operations Officer Thinus Ferreira.

The need to second-guess government’s next move on several developments, especially the question of land ownership, was a major cause of stress for our industry and business in general in 2018, Thinus said. “At the same time, the media’s constant negative coverage makes business feel that the substantial amount of good it does is not recognised at all.

“These are challenges times for doing business.”

Our company had to deal with interesting challenges this year. We had to increase production in our factories to satisfy the steady and growing demand from traditionally quieter markets. Dolphin Bay is pleased to have seen that we are capable of producing larger quantities on short notice. This is thanks to our streamlining our processes and an unwavering commitment from the production team.

The rising demand came at the same time as major shipping delays, a factor beyond our control, which was hampering timeous delivery of product.

Dolphin Bay also experienced rising costs which we could not recoup from our clients.

“We managed to ensure that production continued unabated. All in all, it has been a fantastic year for business, even if it doesn’t feel that way,” said Thinus wryly.

For us, the most constructive approach is to continue deepening our understanding of our customers’ businesses and the pressures they face. We will continue to work closely with you to find solutions to your business challenges.

“We look forward to coming back after the festive season break, feeling recharged and ready for the new year. Here’s hoping that political changes after the 2019 elections will give our industry grounds for growing confidence.”