Aug 01
Green Resources signs Dolphin Bays Quality Pledge


Green Resources’ recent signing of the Dolphin Bay Quality Pledge was witnessed by the Mozambican energy utility EDM (Electricidade de Moçambique), demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing quality poles to the parastatal.

Green Resources, one of south-eastern Africa’s largest pole and timber suppliers, is part of a growing number of customers signing the pledge.

On signing, the company’s COO Jarl Kosberg urged other companies to make a similar commitment. “Transmission poles are critical to infrastructure development, and it would be great if all members of the industry subscribe to this initiative,” he said.

“The pledge addresses not only quality but also how we conduct our business, ensuring responsible conduct, safeguarding of the environment and sustainable operations. These aspects are increasingly being brought to the forefront of the business and political agendas. In the future, companies and industries that do not operate in accordance with these principles will face increasing criticism, scrutiny and challenges.”


“The local environment represents challenges on many levels. By working together, we have been able to overcome these.”


By signing the pledge, Green Resources is leaving no doubt to its employees and customers that the company will not compromise on quality, said Jarl. “It is important for managers to make this absolutely clear and visible. This will secure continued confidence in our company, set the standard in the markets, and support local manufacturing in countries where this is keenly needed.”

Green Resources is very pleased with Dolphin Bay’s services, Jarl said. “The local environment represents challenges on many levels, including logistical, financial, and bureaucratic. By working together, we have been able to overcome these.

“What sets Dolphin Bay apart is the technical support and education – not only to the company, but also to our customers and to the industry at large.”

Bertus said Green Resources had realised that “business is not just about maximising profit, but also sustainability. On the back of this, Dolphin Bay has already started providing support to the organisation, and we look forward to continuing to implement the process as detailed in the Quality Pledge Programme.

“By signing the pledge, Green Resources showed its commitment to the Mozambican government, a testament to the company’s turnaround under Han Lemm’s leadership.”

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